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Pickles & Tradition


Pickles are one of the oldest methods of food preservation. Traditional Indian cooking almost always uses fresh ingredients and involves making dishes from scratch.


This means less preservatives and healthier food. Pickles and chutneys contain ingredients like turmeric, ginger, garlic, green chilies. All of which have medicinal and healing properties.

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All our food is made to the strictest quality requirements to ensure absolute safety. Quality control from the moment the raw materials enter the factory right through to the packaging stage, thanks to systematic measures and analyses at all key stages.



Bamas products are packed in our exclusive airtight bags in an oxygen-reduced atmosphere to ensure flavour and nutritional quality are perfectly preserved. Pickles are always fresh and at optimum. effectiveness.

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Our focus is on quality and bringing you farm fresh food. We procure fresh from the farm and prepare bama's recipes exclusively once you order so these recipes reach you as fresh as they can be delivered. We dont believe in shelfing our recipes and adding excessive preservatives to increase the shelf life, which is an unhealthy practice. Bama Brings only healthy and nutritious recipes to your plate.

Way To Eat
Eat It

Bamas recipes can be your best companions when you travel or stay away from home. These recipes are a treat for those who go camping, or travel frequently as they have a long shelf life and
"what is better than home made food away from home"

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Once you place the order we will deliver to your doorstep with in
15 days from day of order. We despatch via gati and the details will be messaged
to you with the docket number. You can track your order here
Delivery Time
Minimum billing has to be Rs.300 for delivery.
You can choose different pickles summing up to 1 kilogram.
Delivery Time
For COD address needs to be validated with an address proof.
10% extra charge on invoice value.